The wavy glass windows are the eyes to the soul of a Bungalow’s design!

The Arts & Crafts Movement (1895-1935) influenced the design of new homes in America as no other movement has in history. Asheville, NC is filled with historic examples of every bungalow style and the one thing they have in common is their fabulous windows which add character and charm. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and so too are the windows of a bungalow, the eyes to the soul of it’s design. Each home has a unique set of windows, design elements which can not be replicated by today’s white vinyl replacements and yet we see this happening in neighborhoods which are not listed in National Historic Districts. Under the false assumption of saving money, careless or unknowing owners are destroying the authentic beauty of their homes as they have the classic windows replaced with plain, one over one designs that do not match the original muntins pattern. It is a false improvement which costs the owner more than they can save in a lifetime. Why spend $6,000 in cash today to save $25 per month in energy costs? It may take them 20 years to reach the break even point and actually start saving money! People move about every 7 years on average and the vinyl replacement windows (unless they are authentic wooden replacements) may also cost the owner the sale of their home. Many savvy buyers looking for a classic bungalow are repulsed by the idea of plastic windows and the loss of the critical design element which added the charm and character to the bungalow. Richard Sharp Smith, architect would have lost sleep after seeing one of his English Tudor Bungalows having it’s eyes ripped out and replaced with the same blank stare as a derelict who has lost his soul. Fortunately, Frank Brown has discovered quality craftsmen who can repair old windows or build authentic reproductions and classic wooden storm windows which are measured to fit each window. The storm windows combined with spring bronze weatherstrips will actually save money on energy costs and the initial cost for the owner is far less than vinyl replacement windows. Just give Frank a call if this is of interest to you. Facts: Single pane windows have an equivalent R-factor of 1, Replacements R-4 but a basic 4 inch wall is R-17+, therefore the replacement windows insulating value adds very little when compared to the walls insulating value. For more information visit the National Fenestration Rating Council: .

What happened to the left window, why give this home a black eye? Isn’t it obvious the two windows do not match? Note the 6 panes over 1 pane used in the original architects design. Replacement windows can be ordered with the same 6 over 1 pattern, why not try to match the original windows on the front of this classic home? The replacement is obviously narrower and had to have a mullion added to fill in the space. This is a perfect example of the issues noted above. Keep your eyes open when you are looking at homes in the area and you decide, does it make any difference to you?