Everyone has different color preferences, but wait…

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The Color selections in homes can be good or really bad. In my search to find wonderful bungalows for my clients, some days I am astounded by the brilliant colors inside and out, especially when every room is a different bright color. My clients complain that they will have to repaint the entire home or the colors just turn them off and we are on to the next home. My personal favorite colors reflect the homes link with the earth and it’s surroundings, therefore I like earth tone colors. I find these colors can be more than just muted greens, browns and yellows but painting every room a different crayon color is too much for this traditionalist. I understand orange, when it reflects the tone of a pumpkin, but not so orange that it is screaming at you! I found examples of a color chart from 1917 which shows a variety of colors, most every color, reds, oranges, blues and awesome browns, greens and yellows. I wish I could provide a copy to every person who wants to repaint the walls of their classic bungalow, they could be so beautiful. I find most homes are trimmed in BRIGHT WHITE when they could be a softer creamy white, or a really lite yellow, but the painters always seem to talk the owners into painting all the trim white, this way they can just slop on the white, no careful trim work. The original bungalows were painted in subdued colors, with subtle nuances that reflected a sincere appreciation for a paint scheme which was well planned, vs just slapped on as I find so many examples of today. Sherwin Williams has retired it’s Arts & Crafts Pallet, but they will still mix the colors, you just need the name and number, call me or email me, I will send you a copy. Here for your viewing pleasure are a few examples of the original bungalow ads which show off the bungalow trim in a wondrous array of subtle tones. Enjoy.

Aladdin-sunshineHomePaintingManualBungalowColorsGordon-Van Tine Fine Homes CatalogueSeroco-Sears-Ready-Mixed-House-Paint-from-a-catalog-estimated-to-date-from-1910.Sherwin-Williams-Arts-Crafts-Historic-colors-Interior.Sage Green

This home looks like it grew in place along with the rest of the landscaping and trees.

Bungalow Of The Week.

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This charming bungalow is located at 27 Fenner Avenue in North Asheville, NC. I was honored to be hired as the marketing broker for this property. The people in this neighborhood have learned about our Boutique Real Estate Agency’s mission: We Spcialize in the Arts & Crafts Style Bungalows, both Large & Small. This property has been updated with a new 95% effecient gas furnace and AC, plus a fabulous, period perfect new $40,000 kitchen with inset cabinets and a built-in cup board. The countertops do not have any seams and are made of a buttery white Alabama Marble. There are 3 bedrooms, a home office with built-in book shelves, formal living room with fireplace and cased opening to the bright dining room. Built over a full basement used to start the plantings which adorn this lushly landscaped, fenced yard with potting shed/garage. The location is picture perfect and therefore I was very thankful for the opportunity to market this unique bungalow.

We took 400 photos of the property, grounds and flowers, picked the best photos, drafted and re-drafted the limited description for the MLS Remarks and 3 days later, on Saturday, August 23, 2014 we opened the doors for nine showings and by the next day we had a more than full price cash offer which is scheduled to close on Friday, August 29, 2014. This is what we specialize in and therefore the people look for our agency to find the most unique, immaculate offering which match their desire to own a classic bungalow. Take a look at the photos and see what you think of what I believe is the quintessential home for the Arts & Crafts Home lover. If you know of someone who is thinking of selling a bungalow or Arts & Crafts Era home, please do your friend a favor and have them please give me a call.

Welcome to the 27th National Arts & Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn held February 21-23, 2014

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The annual conference and antiques sale is extraordinary! Over 175 Vendors will be there including all the fabulous artisans creating contemporary works in the Arts & Crafts Style; Furniture, Pottery, Art, Jewelry, Textiles, Carpets, Stained-glass windows, Books, Silver from England, Lighting and Hardware made by hand, so much more. This is the place to be if you love all things Arts & Crafts as I do. Come visit my “Bungalow Brown” exhibit at the Conference.

For the second year I will be manning my real estate booth on the 10th floor across from the elevator. I will provide examples of the unique Arts & Crafts Styles which fill the 14 National Historic District neighborhoods throughout Asheville. I will have brochures filled with samples of the unique bungalows which are currently on the market so attendees can discover how affordable they may be compared to where they currently live. I will include classic Craftsman, Foursquare, Italianate, Spanish and Colonial Revival styles, etc. and several examples of new Craftsman bungalows being built with quality, character and charm. For more information, I hope people will give me a ring and set up an appointment to pop by our 1925 Dutch Colonial Bungalow office at 54 Merrimon Avenue. My Broker Associates and I will be setting up MLS saved searches for people who would like to receive emailed links to the newest listings as they come on the market. It is my understanding, that many attendees have been coming to the Conference for 8-12 years and are considering retiring to Asheville. As your local broker who specializes in the marketing and sale of these fabulous homes, I offer my combined experience in building new Craftsman Bungalows since 2000 and selling real estate since 1989. I am a 3rd generation real estate broker whose son just received his real estate license while finishing his Junior year in college. Frank Brown knows the real estate business and I have designed/built over 400 new homes, so I have really good eyes for the details when it comes to showing homes to my clients. I hold a BA in Art, hold a VA Builders License and Brokers Licenses in VA, TN & NC. Yes, I have been called a perfectionists when it comes to home construction details and site placement so you will be in good hands. I promptly reply to my email, text and answer my phone: 828-989-6556 try me.

Here is a wonderful example of the unique bungalows in the Historic Grove Park Neighborhood, a 1927 “Airplane” Bungalow I sold in 2013.

Metal Replacement Roofs designed to leak.

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In a wonderful neighborhood of classic bungalows, I have witnessed a travesty worse than removing the original wavy glass windows. The pitch must go something like this: “With this new metal roof, you will not have to worry about replacing it for many years” or at least that is the claim. There are many kinds of metal roofing and most importantly the method of attachment is critical to ensuring a water proof roof. Sadly, when you screw a thousand screws in the trough of the roofing panel you are doomed to have a leak, soon. Why, because the only thing between your attic and the rain water is that little black rubber washer they used to seal the screw hole. Take a look at the other type metal roofs (some with patterns stamped into them) that were used on original Arts & Crafts homes, there are NO Visible Screws on top of the roofing material! None, these installed were trained craftsmen.

A properly crimped metal roofing will last for a 100 years or more ( see the Basilica of St. Lawrence in Asheville), but not a 1/8 inch thick rubber washer held down, under pressure from over-tightened screw and super heated by the hot summer sun, then frozen by the shrinking metal roof at 15 degrees above zero, year after year! I have a worthless roof like I am mentioning on a commercial building and in year 6 some washers had gone missing and the imperceptible, at first, leaks began to ruin the insulation and finally the sheet-rock in the ceiling. Even though my installer only adhered the roof panels by placing the screws in the ridges between each trough/valley, they leaked.

If you really want to add class and character to your original bungalow, then have them install a fish-scale composite shingle. The original roofs with this type shingle have lasted 80 years or more. Call me and I will send you to see some. Chicken houses, barns, commercial buildings and sheds are supposed to have metal roofing, not $375,000 Craftsman Bungalows. Call your Preservation Society or Architectural Review Committee when you see this happening in your Asheville neighborhood. If you really want to have a metal roof, then look at these examples and add one that is not full of screws under pressure with little squealing rubber washers splitting open in the heat and cold. Love your Bungalows as they are a style to be treasured and there are people moving here that will pay extra, not to have vinyl windows and shiny silver metal roofs on their ideal bungalow. Please contact me with any questions or for the names of qualified, true craftsmen in the business of installing quality roofing materials. Asheville is fortunate to have several top quality roof contractors, you just have to know what to ask for in a metal roof. Best wishes.


The 26th Annual Arts & Crafts Conference at GPI was unforgetable!

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BIG SUCCESS AT THE GROVE PARK INN. On February 22-24 at the Grove Park Inn people came from all across the USA and abroad to be a part of the 26th Annual Arts & Crafts Conference. The antique vendors and the contemporary artists brought tons of unique treasures for sale. I bought a new blue tie from the Stickley Museum Exhibit. I wish everyone who loves and owns an Arts & Crafts Era home could be here to find the perfect carpets, furnishings, paintings, pottery, lighting, silver, tiles, textiles and so much more. If you have not visited this event, you should definitely plan to come next year! I set up a table to display my Bungalow Listings in Asheville on my computer monitor. On Friday and Saturday evening I sponsored a “Invitation Only” Open House at 111 Montford Ave. with the finest Flamenco Guitarist and Percussionist in the world plus great wines & cheese. Everyone had a wonderful time and the leased van took everyone back up to the Grove Park Inn when it was over.

I have attended the Arts & Crafts Conference for 13 years and love it more every year. Please write me with any questions or for the names and email addresses of the vendors. If it belongs inside or outside a bungalow, you will find the best selections at this conference. I will be your source to the sources!

Dickens Festival in Historic Biltmore Village was held Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2012 “A special treat for Christmas”

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Fun was had by all who attended this years 24th annual festival. More than 300 performers were on stage and playing in the streets all day during this  event. Dancers, musicians, choral groups, singers and the Montford Park Players gave the people another wonderful event to remember. People were out shopping in the Village Shops and enjoying the restaurants, plus the chestnuts a roasting on an open fire. Here are a few photos I took so you can see what it was like on this 70 degree day in Biltmore Village.

Many of my “Top 10” Favorites go under contract within 7-30 days!

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Asheville’s real estate market is up and running. My Top 10 picks are selling quickly causing me to stay busy searching for the latest Arts & Crafts Style homes as they come on the market. I will keep you posted on my latest selections, but if you click on a home in my Top 10 and it doesn’t go to the listing then it is no longer active, it is under contract. It is a challenge to stay ahead of the sales which knock out some of my Top 10. If you find one has sold and you can’t see the listing information, shoot me an email and I will send you the mls information. Many of the homes which are marked under contract are still seeking a back-up offer, so it might not be too late for you to write an offer. If for any reason the primary contract falls through, then your offer becomes the new primary and you win! I answer my phone 99% of the time, if you have questions give me a ring: c. 828-989-6556 I also receive your email on my phone so I can respond quickly to your questions. Hope you enjoy the variety of Asheville’s bungalows both large and small on my site.     Cheers,    Frank Brown, Broker

The wavy glass windows are the eyes to the soul of a Bungalow’s design!

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The Arts & Crafts Movement (1895-1935) influenced the design of new homes in America as no other movement has in history. Asheville, NC is filled with historic examples of every bungalow style and the one thing they have in common is their fabulous windows which add character and charm. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and so too are the windows of a bungalow, the eyes to the soul of it’s design. Each home has a unique set of windows, design elements which can not be replicated by today’s white vinyl replacements and yet we see this happening in neighborhoods which are not listed in National Historic Districts. Under the false assumption of saving money, careless or unknowing owners are destroying the authentic beauty of their homes as they have the classic windows replaced with plain, one over one designs that do not match the original muntins pattern. It is a false improvement which costs the owner more than they can save in a lifetime. Why spend $6,000 in cash today to save $25 per month in energy costs? It may take them 20 years to reach the break even point and actually start saving money! People move about every 7 years on average and the vinyl replacement windows (unless they are authentic wooden replacements) may also cost the owner the sale of their home. Many savvy buyers looking for a classic bungalow are repulsed by the idea of plastic windows and the loss of the critical design element which added the charm and character to the bungalow. Richard Sharp Smith, architect would have lost sleep after seeing one of his English Tudor Bungalows having it’s eyes ripped out and replaced with the same blank stare as a derelict who has lost his soul. Fortunately, Frank Brown has discovered quality craftsmen who can repair old windows or build authentic reproductions and classic wooden storm windows which are measured to fit each window. The storm windows combined with spring bronze weatherstrips will actually save money on energy costs and the initial cost for the owner is far less than vinyl replacement windows. Just give Frank a call if this is of interest to you. Facts: Single pane windows have an equivalent R-factor of 1, Replacements R-4 but a basic 4 inch wall is R-17+, therefore the replacement windows insulating value adds very little when compared to the walls insulating value. For more information visit the National Fenestration Rating Council: http://www.nfrc.org/ .

What happened to the left window, why give this home a black eye? Isn’t it obvious the two windows do not match? Note the 6 panes over 1 pane used in the original architects design. Replacement windows can be ordered with the same 6 over 1 pattern, why not try to match the original windows on the front of this classic home? The replacement is obviously narrower and had to have a mullion added to fill in the space. This is a perfect example of the issues noted above. Keep your eyes open when you are looking at homes in the area and you decide, does it make any difference to you?

Gallery of Arts & Crafts Era homes, gardens and porches.

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Great Tudor Style Cottage example

Frank Brown, Jr. is a multi-talented artist and photographer who is fascinated with the extremely varied home styles built during the Arts & Crafts Era in Asheville, NC. Displayed in his Gallery you will find the many unique Arts & Crafts homes he has attempted to capture with his camera so those who find this website might enjoy the marvelous variety of styles he loves. Please note these photos only represent his artistic appreciation for each subject, these properties are NOT Listed for sale by Franks’s firm, Asheville Bungalows real estate, they are represented here as an example only of the vast variety built from 1895 thought 1935 at the height of the Arts & Crafts Movement. These homes continue to offer a lifestyle which perpetuates a continuing revival of the furnishings, lighting, hand woven carpets and the philosophie. The bungalows both large and small built with the principals of the Arts & Crafts Movement offer a special way of life people are seeking in this harried modern world, just like the people were seeking in 1916 during the industrial revolution. We hope you will enjoy looking through the photographs and paintings and hope you will be curious enough to contact Frank for a private tour showing you these and other fabulous examples in Asheville’s Historic Neighborhoods. Cheers, enjoy.