Many of my “Top 10” Favorites go under contract within 7-30 days!

Asheville’s real estate market is up and running. My Top 10 picks are selling quickly causing me to stay busy searching for the latest Arts & Crafts Style homes as they come on the market. I will keep you posted on my latest selections, but if you click on a home in my Top 10 and it doesn’t go to the listing then it is no longer active, it is under contract. It is a challenge to stay ahead of the sales which knock out some of my Top 10. If you find one has sold and you can’t see the listing information, shoot me an email and I will send you the mls information. Many of the homes which are marked under contract are still seeking a back-up offer, so it might not be too late for you to write an offer. If for any reason the primary contract falls through, then your offer becomes the new primary and you win! I answer my phone 99% of the time, if you have questions give me a ring: c. 828-989-6556 I also receive your email on my phone so I can respond quickly to your questions. Hope you enjoy the variety of Asheville’s bungalows both large and small on my site.     Cheers,    Frank Brown, Broker