Gallery of Arts & Crafts Era homes, gardens and porches.

Great Tudor Style Cottage example

Frank Brown, Jr. is a multi-talented artist and photographer who is fascinated with the extremely varied home styles built during the Arts & Crafts Era in Asheville, NC. Displayed in his Gallery you will find the many unique Arts & Crafts homes he has attempted to capture with his camera so those who find this website might enjoy the marvelous variety of styles he loves. Please note these photos only represent his artistic appreciation for each subject, these properties are NOT Listed for sale by Franks’s firm, Asheville Bungalows real estate, they are represented here as an example only of the vast variety built from 1895 thought 1935 at the height of the Arts & Crafts Movement. These homes continue to offer a lifestyle which perpetuates a continuing revival of the furnishings, lighting, hand woven carpets and the philosophie. The bungalows both large and small built with the principals of the Arts & Crafts Movement offer a special way of life people are seeking in this harried modern world, just like the people were seeking in 1916 during the industrial revolution. We hope you will enjoy looking through the photographs and paintings and hope you will be curious enough to contact Frank for a private tour showing you these and other fabulous examples in Asheville’s Historic Neighborhoods. Cheers, enjoy.