Everyone has different color preferences, but wait…

The Color selections in homes can be good or really bad. In my search to find wonderful bungalows for my clients, some days I am astounded by the brilliant colors inside and out, especially when every room is a different bright color. My clients complain that they will have to repaint the entire home or the colors just turn them off and we are on to the next home. My personal favorite colors reflect the homes link with the earth and it’s surroundings, therefore I like earth tone colors. I find these colors can be more than just muted greens, browns and yellows but painting every room a different crayon color is too much for this traditionalist. I understand orange, when it reflects the tone of a pumpkin, but not so orange that it is screaming at you! I found examples of a color chart from 1917 which shows a variety of colors, most every color, reds, oranges, blues and awesome browns, greens and yellows. I wish I could provide a copy to every person who wants to repaint the walls of their classic bungalow, they could be so beautiful. I find most homes are trimmed in BRIGHT WHITE when they could be a softer creamy white, or a really lite yellow, but the painters always seem to talk the owners into painting all the trim white, this way they can just slop on the white, no careful trim work. The original bungalows were painted in subdued colors, with subtle nuances that reflected a sincere appreciation for a paint scheme which was well planned, vs just slapped on as I find so many examples of today. Sherwin Williams has retired it’s Arts & Crafts Pallet, but they will still mix the colors, you just need the name and number, call me or email me, I will send you a copy. Here for your viewing pleasure are a few examples of the original bungalow ads which show off the bungalow trim in a wondrous array of subtle tones. Enjoy.

Aladdin-sunshineHomePaintingManualBungalowColorsGordon-Van Tine Fine Homes CatalogueSeroco-Sears-Ready-Mixed-House-Paint-from-a-catalog-estimated-to-date-from-1910.Sherwin-Williams-Arts-Crafts-Historic-colors-Interior.Sage Green

This home looks like it grew in place along with the rest of the landscaping and trees.